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Album update + New music 

I know, I know... It's been too long since we gave a real update, so here goes!  
The new Aeon Zen album is 100% completed, musically. That means it's all written, recorded, mixed and mastered. We also have the cover art ready to go. We're currently weighing our options on releasing it, sorting out photo and video shoots and the like, so we're getting close. Of course, everyone in the band has been busy in between Ephemera and the new album. Rich has been out touring with and co-producing Annihilator and working with many other bands in the studio. Andi has been for recording and playing with a ton of great artists, Thaurorod; Nergard; his own awesome material, to name but a few! And Alistair and Steve have been busy kicking ass and melting faces, but we remain dedicated to Aeon Zen and we really look forward to you all hearing the new material!  

Speaking of which, here is a clip from the new album to keep you guys going!

More updates coming soon!   



AEON ZEN will release the "Enigma Producer's Pack" on 22nd June 2018, which contains all the original stems and raw files of the Enigma recording sessions. You can create your own mixes of the songs, isolate instruments to learn parts, or simply check out how the album was put together! 

Pre-orders will also immediately receive an early demo from 2011 of the song "Downfall" with Rich Hinks' original guide vocals prior to the guest vocalists' recording their parts, so be sure to order yours before 22nd June! 

“Enigma Producer's Pack” contains: 

• Stems of the entire Enigma album 

• Raw files of each individual track in the Enigma album session (over 130 individual tracks!) 

• Rich Hinks' mix notes for the album 

"Enigma Producer's Pack" is available to pre-order now at:



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