Important information about the new album

Over the last several weeks we have been working on a deal that will see our new album "Enigma" released through a different record label. There will be a proper press release about this soon, we just didn't want to leave you hanging!

This is a great step for us and we're delighted that the album will be released this way. It does however mean that there will be a change of the release date, and we are now looking at an early 2013 release. The exact date is still to be confirmed.

For those of you that have already pre-ordered the CD version of the album, we can ship these out to you for the new release date.
For those that have pre-ordered the bundle version of the album we will throw in a free poster signed by all of the first Aeon Zen line-up and will ship out everything except the CD now and you will receive the CD when it is released.

If you have any questions about your pre-order then please email and we'll be happy to help.

Rich, Andi, Matt, Shaz & Steve