Rich checks in from day 3 of mixing the new album

Hi everyone,

Rich here, checking in from the third day of mixing the new Aeon Zen album. I'm not sure what to say other than that this thing is sounding crushing, beautiful, melodic, diverse, brutal... And it's not even finished yet!

I'm almost done with the first mix of the album (have a look at the picture to the left to see what that looks like!), then I'll go back and listen in as much detail as humanly possible and get down to tweaking all the little things that keep you listening to the album again and again, so each time you hear it there's something new that catches your attention.

It's a fantastic process to see all of these parts and songs come together to form the fully funcioning unit that it will soon be. In a way, this album is mixing itself to an extent. It feels like there is a certain way that it just wants and needs to sound and I occaisionally have to crack the whip and tell it "we're going in this direction, HAAAAAAA!", leading it where I want it to go.

So other than that, I'm getting back down to it! Have a great day, and I'll check in again soon.

Wish me luck in taming this beast!