Second Video in "Top 5 Riffs" Series Released

Today AEON ZEN is pleased to present the second in their series of their "Top 5 Riffs" series from the new album "ENIGMA". The second video in the series features vocalist Andi Kravljaca and his "Top 5 Vocal Riffs", check it out:

Andi commented on the video:

"The vocals on any AEON ZEN record are always a cacophonous spectacle of layers, harmonies and characterizations done by some of the best voices in the business - and, of course, me. Nowhere is this more evident than in our latest offering - Enigma. Join me, if you will, in an exploration of the five places on Enigma where the vocals really make the album shine."

PICK UP "ENIGMA" NOW HERE! the online home of Guitar World Magazine, is hosting an exclusive stream of Enigma. Hear it HERE. Don't miss the bands "Top 5 Guitar Riffs" Video HERE.

AEON ZEN's video for the song "Divinity" can be seen HERE.