Rich Gray (formerly Hinks)

Instrument: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Date of Birth: 31st December 1988

Rich Gray founded Aeon Zen in the summer of 2008. Having built the band from the ground up, and bringing in the other members of the band, Rich is continually pushing Aeon Zen to new and exciting places.

Starting with piano at the age of 5, Rich then continued on to learn saxophone as well as guitar and bass. Rich also studied music at university in London, further honing is playing and songwriting abilities. Writing the majority of the music and lyrics found in the band's releases as well as handling the production work and playing the vast majority of the instruments on albums, he constantly pours his life and soul into Aeon Zen.

Rich worked with several other bands before forming Aeon Zen, during which time he built his performing, playing and writing skills. He also plays bass for Canadian thrash metal legends Annihilator, and co-wrote and co-produced 2017's For The Demented alongside Annihilator mainstay Jeff Waters.

Rich also works as a producer, and mixing and mastering engineer for other bands and projects in his own studio. See for more details.

Rich uses a variety of gear including Dingwall basses, Darkglass pedals, Fractal Audio Systems, Toontrack software, Roland audio equipment.